Saturday, January 22, 2011

Janina Laier's Multi-Generational Quilt 1/20/2011

Kim Nielsen, Breanna Nielsen & Janina Laier
What a treat!  Janina Laier of Eustis, Nebraska brought in this quilt for show-and-tell.  This quilt spans three generations, and Janina has recently finished and quilted it (her second quilt!).  The doubleknit polyester butterfly blocks were stitched by Janina's Grandma Laier and Aunt Jana Ulinquist of Kiron over 30 years ago. Janina chose to sash the quilt with a bold black/white fabric that has bright yellow canaries.  There's a story behind the canaries, also.  Breanna & Janina's great aunt always had canaries.  This multi-generational quilt is certainly a treasure.  The girls stopped by the shop after visiting their aunt in Kiron.  They are on the way to visit another aunt in Wisconsin.  Breanna's mom, Kim, met them for lunch in Harlan.  Thanks for bringing in your quilt, Janina!

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  1. thanks so much for posting this! what a blessing that we were able to meet you!