Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents' Day Mystery Workshop

Seven advisors arrived at Camp David to begin important work at the request of First Lady Michelle Obama.  These ladies were chosen for their extraordinary skill.  Their mission was to generate examples of green quilting to share as an example to the general American public.  Each quilter brought 6 yards of stash fabric to the workshop (okay, maybe some of the fabric was new purchase, but that supports our nation's economy). Secret Service advisor, Teresa Coenen, established the agenda at 1000 hours, and kept the group on task throughout the day.  Quilters were given information on a "need to know basis." The end result will be a throw quilt, entitled Stars & Stripes.  Throughout the day, First Lady Obama, kept track of the progress of the group, and is sure to personally commend each quilter when their projects are complete. 
Nancy Watts, Harlan
Patty Stephens, Macedonia

Jackie Dollen, Persia

Okay, this may sound a little corny, but we had a great time role-playing during the workshop.  I've posted pics of the finished blocks, but you can see all of the pics for the day on our facebook page.
Marie Sides, Harlan
DeAnne Mack, Omaha
Pat Trusty, Omaha
Marge Gubbels, Harlan

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