Thursday, March 31, 2011

Save the Date to SAVE THE BARN -- 4/16/11

Mark the date on your calendar.  Tell all your quilting friends.  Clean out your car and get ready for a road trip to Harlan.

April 16, Downtown Harlan is hosting an event:  Hop Around Downtown.  There will be promotions and special deals all around the square. 

You won't want to miss it!

How will this save the barn?  We'll tell you later...

just save the date!

Show & Tell -- Gloria Kenkel 3/31/11

And the winner is.... Gloria Kenkel! On March 1, we issued the last kit for our block of the month, On Point, in Portobello Market fabric by Three Sisters for Moda.  Gloria, Earling, has been keeping up with each month's blocks.  Today, she brought in her completed quilt top.  Isn't it a beauty?  Gloria blanket stitched around her applique center with red thread.  The result is quite stunning.  Gloria came by to pick out fabrics for additional borders. Gloria won't have time to finish the borders before she takes off this weekend.  She is traveling to Cincinnati with her four daughters to watch the women's NCAA final four -- a family tradition.

Look What's Quilting -- Jackie Petersen 3/31/11

Jackie Petersen, Magnolia, has put many hours into this gift for her granddaughter.  Jackie and her husband, Carl, visited the shop last winter to find the perfect fabric for her embroidery and setting blocks.  They chose fabric from Sandy Gervais' L'Amour line from Moda.  Jackie embroidered purses with various scenes in the blocks.  Each seam means something special to Jackie and her grandaughter.  She embellished many of the blocks with ribbons, lace, machine embroidered patches and  yo-yos.  Mrs. Petersen chose to have it quilted with Loops & Swirls pattern in YLI monofilament thread.  What a lucky granddaughter.

Mrs. Petersen was my school nurse when I went to elementary and high school at Logan-Magnolia.  I went to high school with two of her sons, Jeff & Kirk.  Their family farm was in a very hilly section of the county near a rural community called "Dutch Four Corners." The crossroads is marked with a multi-directional sign that points the way to farms.  It is sooooo quaint, and sooooo Iowa.  I smile every time I see it.  

Show & Tell -- Norma Helms 3/31/11

Where have you seen this quilt? Think...  How about the cover of Fons & Porter?  On their way to a quilt retreat in Ashland, Nebraska, these Norma Helms, Mary Bristol and Theola Thompson from Des Moines stopped to shop and chat.  When they told us about the quilt top in the car, we insisted they bring it in and share with everyone! Norma decided she just HAD to make this quilt when she saw the panel quilt on the front of the Fons & Porter magazine.  Isn't it stunning?  I love the tulips... I'm ready for spring.

Show & Tell -- Linda Rausch 3/31/11

One of the best parts about working in a quilt shop is getting to see what everyone is working on.  Today, Linda Rausch, Bellevue, stopped by to show us her progress on the the Bible Studies blocks that she is downloading weekly from our e-newsletter and website.  Many of the fabrics that she has used are Thimbleberries.  The overall appearance is warm and peaceful.

Show & Tell -- Arlene Adams 3/31/11

Arlene Adams, Harlan, dropped by to pick up fabric for the borders of this beautiful 40th anniversary gift for Cindy.  She had used metallic rust and green fabric from the Harvest line by Timeless Treasures for the center leaf blocks, but did not have enough to finish out the borders.  Arlene chose to use the rust in the border, with the green as cornerstones.  She promised to bring it back when she finished.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- Joan Chamberlain 3/30/11

What does a good grandma do when her daughter is expecting twins?  Why, she makes two quilts, of course.  Joan Chamberlain (Mrs. Jerry), Harlan, pieced these two quilts for daughter Trisha's babies.  Trisha picked out the fabric and provided Joan with the pattern that she had chosen.  Trisha & Joan chose to have them quilted in a geometric Squares pattern with YLI monofilament thread.  The lucky babies will also receive bumper pads and all of the other accessories found in a nursery.  Did I mention the cribs?  Trisha's dad, Jerry, is an accomplished independent contractor and wood worker.  He is making the shaker style cribs that Trisha sent a picture of.  Lucky babies!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- Leslie Johnson 3/29/11

This quilt looks like a scrumptious sherbert parfait!  Leslie Johnson, Logan, used fabrics from April Cornell's Spring Magic line for Moda, along with some Lakehouse and Woodland Bloom.  The setting blocks is a sherbert-colored batik.  Leslie chose to have it quilted with Valentine Card pattern in bright pink thread by Signature.  Leslie is a weekly visitor from Logan, usually coming over on Thursday evenings or Saturdays.  Leslie teaches elementary school at Logan-Magnolia.  She and her husband Jay, along with her in-laws were in the path of the nasty tornado that hit rural Logan.  Her house sustained some damage, but Leslie and her family remained safe!

Show & Tell -- Sandy Richardson 3/29/11

Sandy Richardson, Logan, is truly an artist.  She participated in an online workshop to learn how to convert this picture of her father into this beautiful art quilt.  I am amazed at the detail in her wall hanging from the black & white photo.  Sandy's father lives near Sloan, and he is anxious for her to bring it back so that he can show his visitors :-)

The beaded and embellished quilt at right is incredible.  My apologies, I left the notes about these quilts at the shop, so for now, I am posting from memory.  I'll make corrections tomorrow when I get to the shop.

Sandy and a friend challenged themselves to construct their quilts.  Sandy said the fun part was finding the fabrics.  You can't see the detail, but it is embellished with mini xmas lights, custom beads, and Christmas candies.  The detail is incredible.  I encouraged Sandy to join the Iowa Quilt guild so that she can show her quilts at Reiman Gardens this summer.

Show & Tell -- Mrs. Hansen 3/29/11

Mrs. Hansen stops by the store regularly on her way to The Coffee Plant, next door.  She is a very busy quilter (see previous blog with her completed baby quilt).  Tuesday, she brought in three purses that she had made from the Bow Tucks Tote pattern.  On two of the purses, she used fabrics from our clearance bins.  Mrs. Hansen embellished the purses with beads and buttons.  They are beautiful!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pat Trusty's Finished Bloom Topper

Wow!  It didn't take long for Pat Trusty to finish her Bloom Topper (36"x36") that she began in our workshop on Thursday, March 22.  Made completely from her stash fabric, Pat chose the iris floral for the border print, and then chose three complementary fabrics.  Great job Pat!  It looks great!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- Big Easy: It's A Hoot 3/25/11

Get ready, the kits will be coming soon.  LeAnn Keenan, Harlan, created this bold store sample for us.  Measuring 63x74, we have created the Big Easy in three previous fabrications:  St. Patty's Day, Turquoise, and Christmas.  The pattern is perfect for large-print fabric lines, and that's why we chose it for the fabrics from It's A Hoot line from Moda.  We have chosen to quilt it with monofilament thread, using a new pattern, Owls.  We'll finish the quilt with binding and get the kits ready for you soon!  Thanks, LeAnn for taking the time to create this beauty for us.  I know your time is pretty limited, with family health needs taking priority (as it should).

Show & Tell -- Jackie Dollen 3/25/11

Jackie Dollen, Persia, stopped in to show us her completed Presidents' Day mystery quilt.  This is Jackie's first pieced quilt, and she should be very proud!  She has made scads of t-shirt quilts in the past, and she is a natural for pieced quiltmaking.  It was fun having her in our workshop.  Jackie made the quilt from her stash.  All three fabrics can be found in previous t-shirt quilts made for children and grandchildren.  When Jackie showed her Stars & Stripes to one of her grandsons, he asked who would receive the basketball-themed quilt.  Jackie flipped the quilt top over to show him all the work that she had done to catch points and match seams.  The grandson responsed, "Maybe you should keep this one for yourself, Grandma."  What a smart little boy!

Look What's Quilting -- Jean Young 3/25/11

Here is the second quilt by Jean Young, Atlantic.  This traditional around-the-world quilt features light pink, pink, rose, and burgundy fabric.  Jean did a great job nesting her seams.  Jean chose to have this beauty quilted in Asian Leaves pattern using Victorian Rose thread by Signature.

Show & Tell -- Mary Jo Bonsall 3/25/11

Mary Jo with Genesis Cornerstones & Border Print

The First Row
At last count, we have over 50 quilters downloading the free Bible blocks each week, and the number grows every week!  Mary Jo Bonsall, Dunlap, dropped in to show us the progress she has made so far.  Mary Jo is using fabrics from her stash, and she has pieced the first row together, including sashing strips and cornerstones.  Mary Jo has done a very nice job with piecing the blocks.  She reports that she has to remind herself to use green, as green is not one of her favorite colors.  Thanks Mary Jo, for bringing your blocks in to share!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lazy Angle Workshop 3/24/11

Teresa's finished sample.
Patty Stephens
Pat Trusty

Patty's completed center.
We were a small but mighty group on Thursday, 3/24.  Pat Trusty, Omaha, and Patty Stephens, Macedonia, learned how to make two types of blocks using the Lazy Angle ruler by Joan Hawley. The cost of the workshop was $25 (which included the $22 ruler).  The two blocks make up the Bloom table topper, measuring 36x36.  The trick to using the Lazy Angle ruler is making sure you have it placed correctly before cutting.  The store sample was made from the Charlevoix fabric line.  Pat Trusty chose to use up some of her generous stash with a green & purple iris print for her anchor border.  Patty Stephens chose fabric from the Sip & Savor line. As the evening came to a close, the snow started to fall -- crazy Iowa weather! 

Patty Stepens took made these blocks from Teresa's throw-aways.

Look What's Quilting -- Barb Schultz 3/24/11

Mmmm... Everyone loves a Kansas Troubles quilt, and this one is no exception.  Barb Schultz, Persia, used an elongated courthouse steps block and convenient jelly rolls of the Kansas Troubles Perennials line to complete this beauty.  She had us quilt it with Asian leaves pattern in Dark Olive thread by Signature.  The triplet leaves in the quilting pattern mimic the leaf structures of the floral prints in the fabric.

Look What's Quilting -- Jill Pappa 3/23/11

Jill Pappa, Bellevue, has put together another Harley Davidson t-shirt quilt.  This time, she chose to frame the t-shirts, place them at angles throughout the quilt top, and machine stitch them in place.  Jill had us quilt it with Interlocking Turbulence pattern to look like flames with YLI monofilament thread.  Jill and her husband have some very lucky friends to receive these quilts as gifts.

Show & Tell -- Pat Trusty 3/24/11

When Pat Trusty, Omaha, came up for the Lazy Angle workshop on Thursday, March 24, she brought a little show and tell.   Pat made these two table toppers out of leftover blocks from her Presidents' Day mystery quilt (see February Blog).  The red & gold Ohio Star blocks really pop on the light background. I apologize for the blurry image, but hopefully, you can see Pat's design elements.

Look What's Quilting -- Jean Young 3/24/11

Jean Young, Atlantic, is relatively new to quilting, but you'd never know it by the the work she has completed.  Jean comes to Harlan on a regular basis with a group of ladies from the Atlantic area.  In February, they collectively dropped off 6 quilts to be quilted.  Jean made this quilt as a variation of the Milky Way pattern.  She made her quilt throw-sized.  Jean chose to have it quilted with Falling Leaves pattern in Baguette thread by Signature. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A close call for the BARN

It was a wild weather day in Western Iowa on Tuesday, March 22.  It was a balmy spring day, and by afternoon, the temps topped 70 degrees.  Stormy weather popped up, and soon, Harrison County was smack-dab in the the middle of a tornado watch.  Sure enough, the tornado touched down near Missouri Valley and was on a trajectory towards Woodbine...  It was toooooo close!  A neighbor who lives less than 2 miles away from the barn snapped this photo of the tornado on the ground.  The family that rents the house next to the barn called to report that the storm knocked one of the sun porch windows out, but the barn weathered the storm!  I'm glad everyone stayed safe.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- Tamera Ploen 3/22/11

This is a new one!  Tamera Ploen, Avoca, brought in two shower curtains that she purchased on clearance at Dillards.  The curtains are hot pink and lime, pieced in blocks.  Tamera fell in love with the colors and came up with the idea to have them quilted into a throw quilt.  She asked us to quilt the shower curtains with a Daisy Chain pattern in Begonia thread by Signature.  We used the shower curtain lining for binding and Tamera has a new quilt!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- Shirley Olson 3/21/11

Shirley Olson, Harlan, made this little cutie!  The doll dress panel is from the Lena C line.  It's a simple panel.  Shirley added a small white border and a larger blue border from the same fabric line.  She chose to have it quilted with Meandering Flowers.  It's a a sweet baby quilt!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- Mary Pfeiffer 3/19/11

These little piggies are so adorable.  Mary Pfeiffer appliqued this wall hanging.  Mary chose to quilt it with Hearts & Loops pattern in Ivory thread by Signature.  The finished quilt is adorable!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beading with Nancy Eha 3/19/11

On Saturday, I joined Sandi Petsche and Jennifer Perkins of Harlan, and many other quilters at the Best Western in Clear Lake for a wonderful class on beading and embellishments.  Our teacher was Nancy Eha from Stillwater, MN.  She shared tips & techniques as she taught us how to make beaded dragonflies and an asian technique for overall design.  I wasn't able to attend Friday's workshop (beading for crazy quilts), but Jennifer and Sandi's finished projects are inspiring.  The images here are Nancy Eha's samples.  You can see more images on her website:  I purchased two of Nancy's books and have them in the store.  I'm happy to loan them out to aspiring beaders...  I'll be checking into beads, thread and other supplies necessary for embellishments. 

If you ever get a chance to take one of Nancy's classes, DO IT!  It was a great experience.  Nancy is the Queen Mother of the Royal Order of Bead Explorers.  Each of us in the class were inducted into ROBE...  and we're all royalty now :-)... 

Here are my two dragonflies...  Not bad for a first attempt.  I plan to piece them into a wall hanging that will incorporate two handkerchiefs that my brother-in-law brought back from China.  I've been wanting to use them for some time, and now I have a plan... 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- Store Sample 3/18/11

After I finished this store sample last night (Git-R-Done Day), Nancy Cook put it on the frame and quilted this Bloom Topper with a new pattern, Cherry Blossoms, and Baguette thread by Signature.  The quilting design was the perfect touch to finish the quilt which features fabric from the Charlevoix fabric line.  The cherries and blossoms mimic designs in the fabric.

The workshop for Bloom will be held on Thursday, March 24 6:30-8:30 pm.  During the workshop, quilters will learn to make the two blocks necessary to complete the quilt.  Quilters provide their own fabric.  The $25 class fee includes the ruler (retail $21.95)...  Joan Hawley, the designer of the ruler, has published a book that shows 250 different blocks that can be constructed using the ruler. 

Look What's Quilting -- Jackie Dollen 3/18/11

Jackie Dollen, Persia, pieced this quilt for her son Steve many years ago.  Steve is a huge Husker fan.  At the time when Jackie pieced the t-shirt quilt, she tied the blocks in the corners.  In the past couple of years, Jackie has had us quilt her t-shirt quilts for grandchildren using monofilament threads.  Steve asked Jackie to take his quilt apart and have us quilt it like the grandkid's quilt.  The finished quilt should make this Husker fan very happy!