Monday, March 14, 2011

Save the Barn!

Does this look like a quilt retreat center to you?  Well, maybe not yet, but can you imagine it?  I can.  My husband and I purchased an acreage along Highway 30 between Logan & Woodbine last summer.  We're using the house as a rental property, but the 1898 barn is calling to me...  In my dreams, it will become a quilt retreat center with the ability to sleep 25-30.  My conservative, practical, banker husband, however, doesn't have my vision (yet).  I need your help.  Post your ideas on this blog.  If I get enough positive comments about the retreat, I may be able to convince the hubby to begin an extensive barn rehab... 
Okay, it will take a little work and a LOT of love...  but five years from now, I hope to have a historic treasure surrounded by beautiful flower beds and, of course, a pumpkin patch.  You're welcome to do a drive by and check it out yourself.  3131 Highway 30, just 50 minutes from Omaha.  You can't miss it.  It's right next to Moores Portable Toilets -- that's right, it's next to a couple of hundred outhouses :-).  This just gets better and better! 


  1. You go girl......if this is your vision, then go for it. You work too hard not to satisfy your dreams. Maybe lots of work involved, but hey, nothing is easy. It would be a beautiful retreat in the country. We need a good quilting spot to bring all us quilters together.

  2. Hi Teresa, I know where this is and the next time I drive by, I will imagine a wonderful quilt retreat barn!! I love your vision and I think it could work and be very popular too. Now you just need to convince your hubby that we really need a place like this, can I help? :-)

  3. Absolutely--we all need get aways, and why not in the beautiful Loess Hills! We'll let our Guild know about it!

  4. Thanks for these comments! Keep them coming, I think we're softening the hubby!

    Here's a few I received on the email:

    Terri said: I'm not sure how to comment on your blog, but I'm ALL for the idea. Not only would it preserve a wonderful old barn, but my "small" group of 25 does 2 retreats a year and it's not easy finding places that can handle 20 or more of us. Go for it!

    Wendy said: I dont know how to blog, but think of the million other possibilities that barn could have for other retreats, family reunions, girl/boy scouts, church retreats! Tons of things could be done there as well!! Gook luck!!

    Nancy Cook added to my barn envy when she shared a photo of her recently finished barn quilt. I posted it on this blog.