Sunday, June 26, 2011

Setting up for the Omaha Quilt Show

 It takes a village to get ready for the Omaha Quilt Guild show, and I'm truly thankful for the village that supports Stitchin' Tree Quilts.  At 7:30 in the morning, the Quilting Nancy's beat me to the shop.  Nancy Cook was whacking away at fabric and Nancy Watts (with son, Andrew) was packing up boxes when I arrived with my sleepy daughter Tara.  We worked together to finish up kits, pack up tubs and load a pickup and van.  Nancy Watts & I headed for Omaha at 9:30, while Nancy Cook stayed behind to mind the store (literally).  Once we arrived at the Papillion-LaVista Conference center, we had some help (from Omaha Quilt Guild volunteers) unloading our stash and locating our booth. 
 One of the most difficult jobs each year is deciding what goes where -- Nancy and I played around with booth design until we were satisfied with the display of quilts.  Tara was great at snapping pics and stashing kits.  It takes about 4 hours to set up the booth and have it ready for the show.  We have a double booth for the Omaha show, so people have room to step inside and move around. 
Once the setup is complete, we plug in the cash register and remind ourselves how to run the darned thing.  It's a smaller machine that we only use for quilt shows, and we have to retrain each year because between the two of us, we can never remember which buttons to hit...

We had several new quilts and kits on display this year, and I want to thank all of our sample sewists for their help:  Linda Kreifels (Crossroads & Whacky Stack 4), Marlene Gaffigan (Charming Stars), Nancy Cook (On The Square, Brick & Mortar, Schlep Bag Pink), Nancy Watts (Farmers Market, Schlep Bag Brown), Gloria Kenkel (I Love You, Jelly On the Fence), Jill Conry (Sip & Savor, Hoo-Rah, Floating Star), LeAnn Keenan (Hop Scotch, FaLaLa, Schlep Bag Radiance), and Shirley Wingert (Veranda Tote).  See?  It does take a village.  Out of the entire booth, I only stitched one of the samples (Cozy Cabins).  We wouldn't have had a booth if it weren't for the Stitchin' Tree Village.

Oh yeah, I should also thank my hubby for letting me drive his brand new pick-em-up truck (it's a hemi).  He was worried that I would get a scratch on it...  Never fear, the pickup returned home in great shape, but unfortunately, the garage door wasn't tall enough for our full load when we returned on Saturday evening.  Oh well, I learned that the electronic warning system includes all sides of the truck, just not the roof :-).

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