Monday, August 15, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- Debbie Pope 8-15-11

Debbie Pope, Lewis, stitched this patriotic baby quilt for a family she has never met.  Her son recently returned home from being stationed in the Middle East.  He has a friend who was expecting a baby, but the friend was still overseas, away from his wife and family.  Debbie made this patriotic gift for them, and when she told me the story, I offered to quilt it for free. Debbie chose to quilt it with Double Line Stars pattern in YLI monofilament thread.  The baby boy was born July 4! Now let's all pray that daddy makes it home safe and sound (and soon!)

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  1. Thank you, Teresa. The quilting was absolutely beautiful. Your generosity will forever be remembered. (I actually don't have a son -- the Daddy is a cousin of a friend of ours. Sorry for the confusion). The quilt was sent to the family last week and we should be receiving pictures soon. Only recently, Daddy has returned to the United States but has not returned home yet. Hopefully, we will get a picture of the whole family. This little boy joins a big sister at home. I made this quilt (and one for a baby girl) for my niece who is expecting their 3rd child in October. When they found out that they were having a baby girl I decided that I wanted to give this quilt to a baby boy who's Daddy was stationed in the Middle East at the time of his birth. A friend of ours said that he had a cousin that was stationed overseas at the time their son was born on the 4th of July. BINGO -- I had my little boy.