Thursday, November 17, 2011

Look What's Quilting -- James Buwalda 11/17/11

A blast from the past!  James Buwalda, Owner & Manager of our local Pizza Ranch (really yummy food!), brought me this quilt last winter. His aunt made this quilt for him many years ago. It features a variety of 70's and 80's corduroys :-). The quilt had been tied with black yarn and had a plaid fabric on the back. Over the years, James has loved this quilt to pieces... LITERALLY. When he brought it in, it had less than 3 feet of backing fabric left, the batting had been pulled out, and the top was in tatters. James wanted to know if we could save it... Of course we can! We used the scrap of backing fabric to patch the holes on front, so the entire quilt top is original fabric for the quilt. We chose to quilt it densely with YLI monofilament thread. Many of the blocks are so thin, they are see-through, so the dense quilting will help hold the quilt together. I can't wait to see James' reaction when he sees his quilt.

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