Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Monnie Louise

 I snuggled under this manufactured quilt at Louise & Bobbie King's house.  It's big, bold and simple.  I'm going to try to create a similar design and call it the Monnie Louise (Bobbie's pet name for his wife).

Louise is a collector -- everywhere you look, you see one of her many collections.   Her primary collection is a Coca-Cola collection.  I doubt that there are many Coke items that haven't found their way to Louise's collection.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Playing Trader's Dice at Houston Quilt Market

Robin Hoffman had cut over 1000 5" squares for us to play Trader's Dice at Market.  Nancy must have played with over 300 people in the 3 days of market.  Every player was unique, and it was a lot of fun to meet them all.  We were surprised at the number of international shop owners that took time to stop and play.  Seated at the table here is Switzerland and France.  They thought we should be playing with wine!

Probably the most unique group was this group from China.  They took pictures of each other playing the game.  Nancy helped them understand the English words on the dice (they spoke very limited English).  They had so much fun playing, they took 20 sets of dice back to China with them.  At the end of play, they took individual pictures with Nancy.

This was a wild group from Brazil, with one lady from Australia.  What fun.

The Australians got so loud playing, that soon we had people crowding in the aisle to see what was going on.

This was a single shop -- fun to watch how competitive they became.

Yes, the bear played the game.

His color sense was quite good.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quilt Market -- Houston 10/26-29/12

They make everything big in Texas, and that includes our Texas Waffles at Quality Inn in Ennis, Texas.  Yum, the waffles were a great start to our set up day.  We left Ennis at 8:30 and arrived in Houston shortly after noon.  We needed to set up our booth on the main floor, a special window display of PinPals, and our Sample Spree table upstairs in the ballroom. 
Nancy Cook and I hustled all day, and were set up with about 15 minutes to spare.

Our hostess in Houston was Louise King (and her husband Bobbie).  Louise & Bobbie are Nancy's in-laws.  They have a beautiful home in a suburb of Houston.  Louise helped us out on Sample Spree night, and we were very appreciative of the help. 

Moments before they opened the doors for Sample Spree, Nancy and posed wearing our PinPal displays.

We took about 1/2 of our PinPals up for Sample Spree, and never dreamed that we'd sell nearly all of them.  It was wild!

Keeping with the stainless steel theme, we hung a couple of display units in our main booth.  It was bright and colorful and intended to catch the shop owners eye.  It worked!

Doesn't Nancy look calm and relaxed?  Yeah, that was before the market opened.  We were so busy, we hardly had time to use the powder room or grab some lunch.  That's a good thing, right?

The three walls of our booth displayed the three versions of our Bible Studies Quilt. 

Shown right is our Bible Studies Throw Quilt.
 Bible Studies Bed Quilt.
 Bible Studies Bed Runner.

A better shot of Bible Studies Throw.

Mr. & Mrs. Santa are two of our new customers.  Seriously.  They own a shop called Heavenly Stitches in Texas.  The ID they used was actually from the North Pole.

Santa & Mrs. Clause purchased the Bible Studies patterns for their shop.

Everyone got into the game -- we had so many players with our Trader's Dice game, we hardly noticed when our new bear friend sat down to play.

WOW!  This is a quilted leather duster jacket.  The quilter who is wearing the jacket is a pattern designer. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Trunk Show -- Boo-tiful Quilts 10/11/12

Local quilters extraordinaires Sandi Petsche, left, and LeAnn Keenan, right, shared their collection of Halloween quilts with us during our Halloween Trunk Show.

Sandi started with her smallest quilts, working her way up to the larger throw quilts.  On the way, she shared some of her favority Halloween decorations.

LeAnn modified the Big Easy pattern to suit her black & white focus panels.

LeAnn's niece drew this picture when she was in elementary school.  LeAnn re-created the picture exactly in fusible applique.

JoAnn Schaben, Harlan, shared her embroidered pillow.

Lana Lundt, Holstein, brought this striking throw.

Pat Trusty, Omaha, was on the injured list, but still made if for the show, bringing 3 of her own treasures.

DeAnn Mack, Omaha, shared her 3-dimensional throw quilt.

25 quilters came from 3 states to enjoy our evening of boo-tiful quilts.  We ate some yummy Halloween cookies and drank spiced cider.

Please join us for our next trunk show.  It's a lot of fun.