Monday, April 29, 2013

A Taste of Paducah

AQS Quilt Week in Paducah was AWESOME!!!  The quilts were extraordinary!  I wish you all could have been there with Nancy Watts and I.  We took lots of pics (they are ALL on our Facebook page), but couldn't possibly capture all that is Quilt Week.  If you've never been, you NEED to go.  Paducah is unlike any other AQS show.  The entire town of Paducah is transformed to accomodate 30-40,000 quilters. 

Our booth was in the Pavillion for the second year. 

Question:  How do you hang 20 quilts in a 10ft by 10 ft booth?

Answer:  Very carefully.  It took us 3 hours to set up, and only 1 hour to tear down. 

During the show, we sold out of 4 kits -- woot woot!

I played Trader's Dice with quilters from all over the world.  They won a free pattern (the same Pop Stars pattern that is posted on our Facebook page) and were able to take home the fabric that they won.  Each time we played the game, we drew a pretty big crowd.  We played game after game, and by Friday at noon, we sold out of Trader's Dice and ran out of fabric, so we moved the table to the side and changed the display to feature the PinPals.

The AQS Author Quilts were displayed in the front of the Pavillion.  This is Sumiko Minei's "Memories" featured in her book Foundation-pieced Double Wedding Ring Quilt.  Look at the teeny weeny applique stitching.  The entire quilt is embellished with embroidery stitches.

What a treat!While I was in the main convention center, taking pics of gorgeous quilts, I met Sue McCarty while she was being photographed with her Best of Show quilt.  The photographer was none other than Ricky Tims.

This is Adventure Awaits by Sue McCarty of Roy, UT. It won Best of Show. Wow! The quilt was inspired by Tolkiens' The Hobbit. It's a wholecloth quilt with incredible threadwork in the embroidery and quilting. It was in the Large Wall Quilts, Longarm/Midarm Machine Quilted division.

We met lots of interesting, fun quilters throughout the show. It's fun to see how different groups identified themselves.  We saw lots of matching shirts & hats.  We also saw incredibly creative get-ups, like this group of 4 who had appliqued frogs on their jackets...  RRRIIIPP it -- stands for "unsewing" :-)

There were many family reunions, girlfriend getaways and couple vacations at the show. 
What was my favorite quilt?  Odd as it sounds, it wasn't one of the top award winning quilts.  I was totally impressed with Boy and His Best Friend by Jennifer Day of Santa Fe, NM. It won a red ribbon in the Small Wall Quilts - Pictorial division.  The thread work was so amazing, the fur and hair looked 3-dimensional.  It looked like I could reach out and pet the dog. 

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at AQS Quilt Week in Paducah.  If you'd like to see all of the pics, log into our Facebook page.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today is the first day of the coupon sale and I hate to say ,Robin just reported having 30 more coupons than me!!!! Come on everyone, I would really like to go to Paducah next year!

Robin and I have been really busy in the shop changing things around and planting surprises for Teresa. All I can say, we're having a really good time!
Looking forward to seeing you all in the shop Friday or Saturday! Remember if you live too far away, use those coupons in our on line shop!
I'll post pictures next time
Nancy Cook

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BOGO Coupon for Nancy's Blog Subscribers


Click on this link to download the Buy One Get One Free coupon to be used on Regular-Priced Fabric only, April 25-27.  If you want a similar coupon for Sale-Priced Merchandise, go to our Facebook page.

Or print this page with the coupon on it.

Ready for the REALLY Big Show!

Nancy Watts and I have the booth set up at the AQS Show in Paducah.  We're ready for a crowd of quilters tomorrow.  The show officials estimate that there will be 35,000-40,000 quilters over the next 4 days.  We hope to play Trader's Dice with as many as possible.  I posted pre-show pics on Facebook, but here's a few for you!

There is a sea wall directly behind the show, next to the Ohio River.  After the flood 2 years ago, the city has worked very hard to repair the wall and paint it with beautiful murals.


Downtown Paducah is all dressed up and ready for company!  This is a museum with a huge crocheted afghan stretched across the entrance.  Check out the bull.  He's wearing a scarf and is on casters.

Nancy and I are staying across the river in Metropolis, IL -- home of SUPERMAN!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pre-Paducah Party was fun!

Our Pre-Paducah party last Friday night was a lot of fun.  We had 32 of our dearest friends come to see the quilts and kits we are taking to Paducah.  Everyone who attended had the first opportunity to purchase Paducah quilt kits.  Two of the kits sold out at the party, and we won't be taking them to Paducah!

Of course, we had some yummies:  Kentucky Cheesecake bites, Paducah Cream Puffs and Nancy Cook made some Rockin' Refrig cookies.

Here's a new one!  Barb O brought a carpet & paint sample to match to our Dash It All quilt.  It was a MATCH and Barb took a kit home with her.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello everyone,
My name is Nancy Cook and have worked here in the shop for at lea
st 5 years. Since Teresa is so busy with everything, I commandeered the blogspot. I am so excited to finally be able to share on a blog all the neat stuff I come accross.
My first thing I want to share with you is a secret. While Teresa and Nancy Watts are in Paducah, Robin and I are going to have top secret deals. The only way you will be able to get the coupon to take part in this deal,is to subscribe to my blog. Tell all your friends because you really will not want to miss this!
I had better sign out for now, I'm supposed to be helping out wih our pre Paducah party.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Can He Save the Cupola?

Back in December, it finally became clear that we would not be able to save the barn for use as a quilt retreat center.  This 1898 structure was just too far gone to save it.  After a lot of consideration, Randy and I agreed that we could salvage some of the doors & windows and siding to use in an addition that would be added to the house (for a potential retail space and my own personal workspace and design center).  Well, vandals had a different idea.  In the latter part of December, vandals came to the Cottage and ripped door and windows from the barn.  It really made the barn look sad.  I agreed with Randy that we needed to get it down as soon as possible.  Now with the better weather, Randy is ready to begin the demolition.  On Sunday, he started by removing some of the support beams in the loft area.  I begged him to save the cupola for me, but do you see how steep the roof is????  Well, Randy figured a way to get to the cupola.  He asked me to be the spotter as he ventured up the steep and unstable roof?  Was he able to save the cupola?  Not yet, but stay posted...  He'll probably be back on the roof on the next nice day.

Spring Cleaning at Quilters Cottage

Eight of us had a blast last weekend at Quilter's Cottage during the Spring Cleaning event.  Quilters arrived as early as 9am on Friday and stayed as late as 5pm on Sunday.  The goal of the Spring Cleaning retreat is to give quilters the opportunity to finish up projects in a fun and supportive environment.  With three different groups, we started out with introductions and soon became fast friends.  It was amazing to see all of the different projects throughout the weekend.  Our facebook page posts all of the pics, but here are a few for you to enjoy.