Monday, April 15, 2013

Can He Save the Cupola?

Back in December, it finally became clear that we would not be able to save the barn for use as a quilt retreat center.  This 1898 structure was just too far gone to save it.  After a lot of consideration, Randy and I agreed that we could salvage some of the doors & windows and siding to use in an addition that would be added to the house (for a potential retail space and my own personal workspace and design center).  Well, vandals had a different idea.  In the latter part of December, vandals came to the Cottage and ripped door and windows from the barn.  It really made the barn look sad.  I agreed with Randy that we needed to get it down as soon as possible.  Now with the better weather, Randy is ready to begin the demolition.  On Sunday, he started by removing some of the support beams in the loft area.  I begged him to save the cupola for me, but do you see how steep the roof is????  Well, Randy figured a way to get to the cupola.  He asked me to be the spotter as he ventured up the steep and unstable roof?  Was he able to save the cupola?  Not yet, but stay posted...  He'll probably be back on the roof on the next nice day.

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  1. Oh Yes he did! Randy got the Cupola down this past weekend. He and our son, Ryan began demolition inside the barn. We're saving the boards, doors and cupola for an addition that I have planned for the Cottage.