Monday, June 17, 2013

Won't You Be Nancy's Blog Buddy?

Nancy is trying to build our Blog Subscribers.  And what better way than to offer a FREE pattern to Blog Subscribers ONLY? 

Between now and August 1st, Nancy will post parts of our pattern, Pockets of Posies.  You can choose to make a wall quilt or king-sized quilt.  It can be scrappy or not.  You pick.  The pattern will be posted as a progressive pattern -- that means you'll get part of the pattern each time. 

Invite all of your quilting friends to subscribe to our Stitchin' Tree blog -- it will be a lot of fun!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spring Market Report

Patty, Robin and I had so much fun a Spring Market!  I wish you could have all been there with us.  Robin was our newbie, so Patty and I enjoyed seeing Market through Robin's newbie eyes!  Everything was new to Robin, and her enthusiasm was catchy.  We set up our booth on Thursday morning -- it was pretty easy, with 3 of us helping. 

Later that morning, I taught a schoolhouse session for other shop owners.  It was standing room only!  WOW - that was fun.

Thursday evening was the Sample Spree.  The line for Sample Spree extended from one end of the convention center to the other.  Once the doors opened, it was pretty much a FREE-FOR-ALL.  Shop owners stampede into the ballroom and rush through the tables to see how much they can get as fast as they can.  We took half of our PinPals to Sample Spree and nearly sold out. 

 There are no fancy booths or displays at Sample Spree, everyone just gets a plain table. The table directly behind us was occupied by none other than Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic (MODA) -- Robin couldn't wait to get a pic with Brigitte!  This was just the bginning of our celebrity photos!

One aisle over, Robin was impressed with the Chicken Lady.  Do you like her fabric?  I hope so, because we'll be getting it in August.  The line is called Fowl Play, and the designer is Luella Doss, who designs for Free Spirit.  She's a hoot!

The Sample Spree ended at 10 pm, and we went back to the hotel EXHAUSTED.  We needed a good night's sleep to get ready for the 1st day of Spring Market.

Our booth was in the back of the Moda bus.  Moda's main sales area covered about 12 booth spaces, and the Moda designers surrounded the perimeter.  Somehow, our booth was in the Moda area, and we were the only non-Moda booth in the section.  It worked out great, though, since we were playing Trader's Dice, using 2.5" squares.  Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic (in yellow) dropped by early in the day and brought us several "mini-charms" from her newest line, ________.  The shop owners LOVED taking pics with Brigitte.  We continued to play with her mini-charms after she went back to her own booth.  I love her fun and funky fabric.
Pretty soon, we were visited by Barb ___ (in white) of Me & My Sister designs.  She LOVED the game, and quickly came back with several mini-charms of her new line, Giggles -- fun, bright flowers.

You'll notice in the background, our booth faced severval beautiful quilts by Primitive Gatherings, another Moda designer.

Polly Minnick (in white), of Minnick & Simpson, brought mini-charms of her line Midwinter Reds -- gorgeous reds, tans and creams. 

Kathy Schmitz (in denim jacket) came to play.  We found she is very competitive :-)  Everyone enjoyed her Bits & Pieces primitive collection.

By 6pm on Sunday, we were packed up and ready to head home.  Each day, as we walked to and from our hotel, we kept mentioning that we needed to take a pic outside the convention center with the beautiful rhododendrons and azaleas.  We picked a skateboarder off the street and asked him to take this pic. 

So long Portland, it's been GREAT!