Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New shop location will sport regional theme

Construction is underway on our new retail space, attached to our Quilter's Cottage Retreat Center, just south of Woodbine on Highway 30.  Plans are to open the new 1000 square foot space sometime in the Spring, 2014.  The new retail space will feature fabric, patterns, books and products with a REGIONAL theme. 

During Market, Nancy and I searched the aisles to find designers who had ties to Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota and South Dakota.  It was a lot of fun to learn more about the fabric designers, product inventors, and authors.  We made many new friends and are anxious to bring national presenters to our neck of the woods.

When we move into our new retail location, Stitchin' Tree will be very unique in it's collection and display.

The walls of our new shop will be lined with barn boards salvaged from the 1898 barn on the property.  The ceiling will be covered with the salvaged barn roof tin.  We're very proud of our rural Iowa heritage, and plan to carry the theme through the space. 
It should be a lot of fun to complete the construction and design the shop.  We'll keep you posted all along the way.
While the shop is under construction, the retreat center remains available for classes, workshops and overnight retreats.

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  1. I travel to Carroll, IA quite often, from Omaha. Will be excited to stop in to your new space!
    While no longer an active quilter, I do enjoy regional specialty shops!
    Best of luck,