Monday, August 18, 2014

Moments on Monday with Nancy August 18, 2014

What at week!!!  I wasn't able to get much sewing done because we were so busy doing other to the Iowa State Fair!!!  I am always so amazed at that place when I go.  If you have never been before, try and make it. It really is so worth the trip. I think I have a daughter talked into going next year and she lives in Oklahoma. (we'll get to that later)  Bob and I rode the motorcycle with another couple to the fair on Thursday and what a perfect day it was.  It turned out to be not too hot and the traffic wasn't bad.  The quilts were awesome and there were many.  I also was interested in all the needlework projects, so much talent to be seen.
People still make clothes? 
just a few of the quilts much to look at.

I love the Fair Isle knit hats. They were beautiful.
And this was just in ONE building. (upstairs)  Of course I looked at a lot of other neat stuff too and got to see part of the Talent Show. The plants inspired me so much I am now convinced to get into gardening.  (I have never liked to garden)
What a great day at the fair.  Looking forward to going again next year.

That was on Thursday and then on Friday, I was minding my own business getting a glass of tea (recovering from the day at the fair) and I just happened to look out the window and noticed that someone had driven up.  The young lady standing beside her  car and stretching  just happened to look just like my granddaughter that lives in Oklahoma City...what is going on!  I hightail it outside to find my daughter and my grandson and the surprise was mine!!  They had driven up for the week end to surprise me and that they did.  What a fun week end, of course we had to go to the zoo. 
At the zoo.  I think the whole week end was even a big hit for this guy.
He loved the quilt I was working on.  Finished up sewing on the
label while they were here. We were even able to get in some cards
which my granddaughter enjoys beating up on the old folk.

So today it is back to reality.  I am up in my sewing room where I am fixing to start cutting out the pieces for the new block of the month that begins in November.  It is going to be so pretty and so sweet.  All those tiny little flowers.  I have had people tell me that they aren 't even flower people and they love this quilt.  It's just a sweet quilt.  I have a really helpful set up and can get the pieces cut out and labeled.
This makes it very helpful.  When I'm ready to work on a square, I feel like
I get to go shopping and pick out the pieces I need to make that block. :0

Tomorrow I'm back at the shop.  YAY!  From what I hear, there should be room for the new fabric after the sale.   I always look forward to seeing what's new.  There is always something going on at that place.  

Smiles to you all.  Have a great week!

Until next time, my very best to you all,

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