Monday, September 29, 2014

A Moment on Monday with Nancy

Well....another nice week end.  If this keeps up I'm going to be expecting the week ends to always be nice. :)  Bob and I hosted a fun afternoon with our church family.  Roasted hot dogs and had lots of sides to share.  Bob even hooked up the trailer to the jeep and took everyone on a  hayrack ride. (sort of)  (dang....I should have taken pictures)  Lucy was in hog heaven (I mean dog heaven)....those hot dogs kept falling off the grill for some reason.

I got a few things accomplished this past week.  (sigh)  I'm plugging right along on the sample for the block of the month.  It sure is going to be a pretty one.  Here is a sampling of the blocks. I can't wait for y'all to see them in person!

This happens to be my new favoite block.  

It's hard to believe that October is knocking on our door.  Teresa is packing up to go to DesMoines to the quilt show.  I'll be helping out at the shop and the show as much as I can before I leave for Colorado for the week end.   Then it'll be burning the midnight oil for sure getting things ready for Market and Festival later in the month.  We had such a good time last year and made lots of new friends, it'll be nice seeing everyone again.  Wonder what treasures we can bring home...hmmm.....

I'll be sure and take pictures at the quilt show to share with y'all next week.  It's always such fun and so interesting to see all the quilts and exhibits.  

My very best to you all,
Happy quilting,

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