Monday, October 13, 2014

Moments on Monday with Nancy

Greetings! I sure hope everyone is doing well. Bob brought me home a treadmill so I now have no excuses for not getting in my walk.  People say that if you do something often enough it'll become a habit and you don't feel right if you don't do it. That's what I'm hoping for.

It's chilly and rainy out today. The perfect weather for a big pot of chile. Yum....have it on the stove now for dinner tonight.  Not one pot of my chile turns out the same. I'm always trying something different.  Maybe we should have a chile recipe swap. I'm always looking good chile recipes.

Another busy week!  Our church makes noodles every year and I finally had the opportunity to help today.  Bob and I went in this morning (a little late) and was promptly put to work.  It is quite a production  needing 25 volunteers, many pounds of flour and around 40 dozen eggs. They also have 10 drying racks set up. It is quite an operation.

We had a lot of fun helping this week and I hope we will be able to help out again. They'll bag up the noodles we made today tomorrow night after they have had a chance to dry.  They will be bagged and weighed and ready to sell.  $3.00 a bag, not a bad deal. :D

All last week I was determined to finish the sample for the new block of the month we will have starting in November.  I am happy to say that I did get it finished but I didn't have time to do the applique I wanted to do.  I just ran out of time.  But I still love it anyway. Let me know what you think.

I'm taking it in tomorrow to get quilted and then Teresa will be able to take a better picture.  It is really a sweet quilt.  Much more colorful than you can see in this picture.  I do hope you have a chance to see it and sign up for it.  Surprisingly there are no Y seams.  All straight sewing.  (I think I need to make a deadline for a few projects in my closet.  Maybe I'd get some more things completed. 

On that note, I think my moment is up and I should say goodnight.  May you all have a fantastic week! I know I plan to.

My very best to you all,
Happy quilting,

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