Monday, December 22, 2014

A moment on Monday with Nancy

My oh my!  Where has the time gone?  I've been so busy getting things ready for Christmas I haven't even had a chance to check in with all of you.  But then y'all may not have had a chance to check in with me either.  I truly do love this time of year.  More so this year than in times past.  Must be that getting older helps you to look at things a lot differently.  There are times when I actually believe I know whats really important and let everything else go.  Which brings me to my next paragraph!

You all know what the holidays are like.  You have a room (or two) thats falling down around you and you are oblivious to it because you are focussed on what is really important.....Like making your first ever....wait for it....SOCK MONKEY! I have had so much fun making this one that I am convinced that the next ones will even be better because I won't have such a time restraint.

Ready to wrap up for grandson in Colorado. :)

I know that sock monkeys aren't the most important thing in life, but yesterday for me it was. The time I spent making that monkey brought me real joy. :)

Here's to hoping you all the Merriest of Christmas's!!!! 

My best to you all,
Happy Quilting,


  1. Ah, How fun. Your grandson will love it.

  2. I made my first one last year for hubby. He's an over the road truck driver. Hauling chickens or eggs all over the US. He loved it and carries it in hos bunk. I used the blue socks and found awesome blue eyes in a pendant at Walmart. TSC has the nlue socks. TOO COOL!