Monday, May 11, 2015

A Moment on Monday May 11

Hello again!  Can you believe it's been a week already since I last ranted here?    Time is passing way too quickly.  Sometimes I wish we could slow things down a bit to be able to enjoy where we are in life a little bit longer.  (or speed things up)  Anyway....I've been busy this week just like y'all.

What a mess I had last week and I am happy to say I am passed that and on to something else.  That something else should really be cleaning up the mess I've made in my sewing room but who has time for that?  I'll just work around it.  :)  I do have my quilt ready to take in to quilt.  Now to find the time to quilt it in time for our June 3 reunion. I love the backing I found and it was wide enough that I didn't need to piece it! yay!!!
And....I have all the wallets finished.  That was so much fun.  I was in the shop the other day and learned that the class is almost full.  The class size limit is 12 and it was already 9 on Friday.  If you have a chance to take the class it is so much fun and the wallets are adorable.  See......

I told you they are cute!  I can't wait to give these to the girls at the reunion this summer. They are going to be so surprised I made them.

Now on to something else....I really had better get my sewing room organized.  I truly thought I could work around it, but I just took a second look and it's not going to happen.  Wish me luck!

Until next time, my very best to you all.

Happy Quilting,

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