Monday, May 4, 2015

A Moment on Monday May 4

Hello friends!  I hope this finds everyone well and busy doing what you like to do best. I'm looking out my window at the apple trees. The blossoms on all the trees are amazing this spring.  They are loaded, which makes me think we just may be having a record crop of apples.  We could only be so lucky....right?

Well, have I been busy this week.  Last Monday Teresa had us out to the cottage for a workshop.  We made the cutest billfolds with the help of Betty.  They are so cool I just had to make some for my girls and of course when I get something in my head.....everything could be falling down around me and I'm busy with my newest project.  Then on top of all of that, I am cleaning up one of the biggest messes on that black and white quilt.  You know, I always clean my seams as I go so there won't be such a mess at the end.  However, this time I didn't and am I ever sorry.  It's going to take me forever to get this mess cleaned up before I can get it quilted.

 See what a mess I have?  My wallets are in various states and the quilt.....ugh!!!  But aren't those wallets just the cutest?  There is going to be a class coming up this summer.  They are so much fun to make and they give you such an opportunity to use some of those cute fat quarters you've been collecting all these years but don't have anything to do with them.
Other than that, Bob and I have been playing as much golf as we can.  Unfortunately today was a little rainy.  You would think I could get a lot done in the sewing room, wouldn't you.........but like I said, Bob and I.......
So with that, I shall sign off, until next time.  My very best to you all.
Happy quilting,

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