Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A moment with Nancy

Hello everyone!  What a week!  Graduations, Spring market and rain with cool weather. Nothing like going to a graduation in pouring down rain only to realize you forgot your umbrella!  Not so fun.
Teresa and Patti are back from Market and I'm anxious to see what news they brought back with them.  That's always fun.

Well....I finished my black and white quilt and the backing. (yay!)  That's all ready to quilt.  I was feeling a little lost today so I got into my PHD's. (projects half done).  I had started a New York Beauty 10 years ago as a block of the month.  I had the squares completed, they just needed to be sewn together.  And then of course the border.  The border is something else and will probably take me the rest of my life to complete.  The trouble with unfinished projects is when you eventually get back to them it seems like it takes forever to figure out where you were when you put it away.  I have at least a couple of those in my closet. 

Luckily I just needed to sew rows together for this New York Beauty.  But honestly there are seven borders.  I'll be sure and show you the finished quilt when I get those done. 
I was in the shop today to quilt my black and white quilt.  Yay!!! I have it quilted and now just need to sew on the binding.  My daughter is going to be so surprised. :)
Tomorrow I'm at the shop for the day.  We have a lot of classes coming up and they are filling.  So much I want to do and so little time.....the story of a quilter.  :-)
With that I shall wish you all the best, until next time....
Happy quilting,

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