Friday, February 3, 2017

Faith Based Quilt Patterns from Stitchin' Tree!

As many of you know, I design faith based pattern collections.

 It all began with my Bible Studies quilt that I had initially constructed for my grandchildren, and decided to share with quilters across the country.  When I wrote the patterns for Bible Studies, I included information about each book of the Bible.  I'll be honest, I was a little nervous about including scripture on a publicly produced pattern.  But I prayed about it, and decided that God would want me to take a leap of faith and reach out to Christian quilters who would want to read more...

The positive feedback that I received encouraged me to increase the scope of the inspirational message that I wrote for each pattern.  The next quilt I designed was Women of the Bible -- a little more non-traditional. It's a monster , king-size quilt, featuring 40 different women in the Bible.

But I couldn't stop there.  I moved on to Have A Little Faith, which was available in 4 sizes.  The quilts each have 20 unique blocks, representing 20 aspects of faith.

Now I'm working on Boys of the Bible.  The quilts are a mystery, so far.  There will be 100 total blocks available in the series.  The quilt can be finished as a 30 block quilt, 60 block quilt or 100 block quilt.  The fabric requirements and introduction can be found on our website.  

Here's what a 30-block throw quilt might look like:

We're currently on Blocks 47 & 48. Previously, I have inserted the block images in our weekly newsletter.  Quilters are given access to download the block patterns and message for FREE.  Again, I have received lots of feedback.  Many quilters have asked if I would post the messages separately so that they can share the message with their Christian (non-quilting) friends.

So here we are, in the Stitchin' Tree Blog.  Each week, I will post the message section of the Boys of the Bible patterns.  I will link back to the patterns on our website (like always).

Feel free to share with your friends!  God bless us everyone! (and He does)


  1. I am only saving the Boys of the Bible blocks at this point. I love the work you
    have put into getting this together.
    I did make the first quilt and gave it as a gift to our retiring minister. It was very special and turned out beautifully. I printed the pages and put them in an album so he can study the text associated with each block. Thank you.

  2. Wondering why I don't get the emails anymore. They stopped after block 36, Simon the Zealot.

  3. Oops, looks like you may have unsubscribed by accident. Please check your email to resubscribe.

  4. Thank you for all of your Faith Based patterns! I love them all! They are helping me grow in my faith as a quilt. Two good things at the same time! LOL

  5. The quilts of faith are a wonderful way to reach others through the art of quilting, to make people aware of Christ in a very "constructive" way and to teach others of His love that endures throughout time. Not to mention the fact that his love is like a "quilt" we can always wrap ourselves in simply by answering the knock on the door of our hearts. A couple weeks ago my computer decided to crash and lost all of my quilt patterns, I am talking hundreds of them and I have been able to retrieve all of the Women of the Bible, 6 of the 10 commandments (I need 4,5,6,10 still) and most of the Bad Boys of the Bible designs (all but 1,7,8,25,29,36). Do you know if there is a way to get these short of buying them thereby duplicating what I already have?

    1. Hi Sharon,
      Technology is both a gift and a curse... I'm sorry, but we do not have a way to replace your missing files -- but all can be found on our pattern CDs. We try to keep the price affordable, and frequently put the CDs on sale, so watch your emails.

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  7. How do I get the pattern for Boys of the Bible?