Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Block 55: Obadiah

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“You should not look down on your brother in the day of his misfortune.” Obadiah 1:12
The  hostility between Jacob and Esau did not end with trickery and the distribution of the birthright.  The nations of Israel and Edom originated with these brothers, and the nations were at war for decades.  Both nations fought to control the highway from Damascus to Egypt, thereby controlling trade and flow of merchandise.  At one point, Edom (who should have been Judah’s ally) helped the Babylonians attack Jerusalem.  Once Jerusalem was destroyed, the Edomites looted Judah’s possessions.  God was angry.  The Edomites should have shown love for their neighbor, and they did not. 
Obadiah was an Edomite who had a healthy fear of God. When Jezebel was killing prophets, Obadiah hid 100 prophets in two caves.  Why two caves?  Well, Obadiah knew that if one cave was discovered, then at least the prophets in the other cave could escape and survive.  For his efforts, God granted Obadiah the gift of prophecy.  Immediately, Obadiah began his prophecies against Edom.  He warned the Edomites that they would be punished for their sins.  Obadiah warned that they would get what they deserved, and they did!  The Edomites felt confident that they could not be overrun.  The narrow mountainous passage to enter their country gave them a false sense of security.  Obadiah warned the Edomites that their pride and confidence would be their undoing.  God allowed the nation of Edom to be destroyed.  They were overrun by other Arab groups, and Edomite descendants were killed or scattered.
Obadiah is the shortest book of the Bible, only 21 verses.  In those few words, Obadiah promises and gives reasons for the judgment of Edom,  He describes how the judgment will come to pass and gives hope for future deliverance for those who repent and obey God.  Obadiah teaches us that we must help others in times of need,  Obadiah also teaches us that pride goes before the fall. 

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