Sunday, April 16, 2017

Block 63: Gad

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“...he shall overcome at last.” Genesis 49:19
The competition among Jacob’s wives to bear his son was fierce.  Leah had stopped conceiving after her fourth son.  Rachel had not borne any sons yet, so she gave her maidservant (Bilhah) to Jacob to bear (2) sons.  Not wanting to be outdone, Leah gave her maidservant (Zilpah) to Jacob, and Zilpah also bore two sons.  The first was Gad.  (Remember, Rachel and Leah were sisters.  Jacob loved Rachel, but was tricked into marrying Leah.)  And to add a further twist to this confusing family tree, Bilhah and Zilpah were actually younger half-sisters to Leah and Rachel.  All were Laban’s daughters.
Gad was named by his adoptive mother, Leah, and his name means “troop.”  When Jacob and his family arrived in Egypt, Gad was already a father to seven sons.  Before his death, when Jacob blessed his 12 sons and established the twelve tribes of Israel and Judah, he compared Gad to a lion, predicting the mighty warriors that would arise from Gad’s clan—warriors that would strike down Israel’s enemies and reclaim the Promised Land.  And Gad’s tribe needed to be strong.  Gad had inherited land on the border and was tasked with guarding the north-east side of the country.
Gad was not afraid to show his might.  When the fugitive King David needed help, Gad rushed to his aid.  Over the years, invaders and robbers tested Gad’s might, but Gad prevailed.  It was not easy, however, and surely Gad’s faith was tested many times.  But God keeps his promises, and in Genesis 49:19 it was prophesied, “Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at last.” 
The most important thing that we can learn from Gad (and all of the other tribes) is that complete and utter faith and trust in God will be rewarded (in God’s time, according to God’s plan).

I chose Fifty-four Forty or Fight to represent Gad, whose name means “troup.”  God intended Gad to fight to defend the borders of Israel, and He promised victory to Gad and his tribe.


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