Thursday, July 27, 2017

Block 75 Matthias

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“ us which one of these two you have chosen.”  Acts 1:24
A lot of mystery surrounds the thirteenth disciple.  Here’s what we know:  Matthias is short for Mattathias which means “Yahweh’s gift.”  Matthias was not mentioned in the synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, or Luke), but in the Book of Acts, Matthias is introduced as a follower of Christ who was baptized by John.  Matthias was one of two followers whose names rose to the top as applicants to fill the discipleship left vacant when Judas committed suicide after he betrayed Jesus.  These two men were selected from 120 followers in the candidate pool.  Peter had described the qualification of the replacement disciple as one who had followed Jesus’ ministry from the time of His baptism through His crucifixion.  Peter and the other apostles knew the two candidates well and had a tough choice to make.  After praying together, hey cast lots, and Matthias won their vote.  This is where we have a disconnect between what we know and what we don’t know (for sure).
After his appointment to the group, Matthias began his ministry, possibly in Cappadocia, possibly in Judea, possibly in Ethiopia.  He was later martyred for his faith, possibly stoned by Jews in Jerusalem, possibly blinded and eaten by cannibals in Ethiopia.  One source says Mattias died of old age in Jerusalem.  What can we take away from all this confusion?  Matthias seams to be fairly unremarkable, yet he was chosen to become the replacement apostle. 
Similarly, not all of the ministers God chooses to preach, shepherd, and administer sacraments are remarkable.  In fact, most are unremarkable, like Matthias.  The world, in general, may not be able to recall where they served, or how they served.  But the flock that these ministers serve will forever be impacted by their ministry. 
We, like Matthias, may be completely and utterly unremarkable, but we may never know the extent of the impact we have on others.
I chose Anna’s Choice Quilt block to represent Matthias who was the apostles choice to replace Judas.


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