Thursday, July 27, 2017

Block 76 Barsabbas

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“For many are called, but few are chosen.” Matthew 22:14
When you think of all of the important men of the Bible, does the name Barsabbas make your list?  Probably not.  His name is similar to Barnabas; it’s similar to Barrabas, yet Barsabbas shared none of their notoriety.  In fact, the only disciples that were less known than Barsabbas were those who were never called by name in the Bible.  Even less remarkable than Matthias, Joseph Barsabbas is the disciple that was NOT chosen to replace Judas Iscariot.
Like Matthias, Barsabbas had been an avid follower of Christ, sharing His ministry from His baptism to His death and resurrection.  Yet, when the apostles cast lots, Barsabbas was rejected, and Matthias was chosen to become one of THE Twelve. We’ve all faced our share of rejection in our lives, but imagine how Barsabbas must have felt.  Do you imagine that he questioned himself, “Why didn’t God choose me?”  “What does Matthias have that I do not have?”
Although he was not chosen to be one of the twelve, Joseph Barsabbas was “chosen of God.”  So are we.  Rather than feel sorry for himself, Joseph Barsabbas could rejoice with Matthias’s leadership role because he knew that God had chosen him to play an equally important supporting role.  Just like us.  Not being chosen as one of the twelve changed nothing for Barsabbas.  He was still expected to continue his discipleship, leading others to know Jesus Christ.  Just like us.
Our lives will be filled with road bumps and disappointments.  Like Barsabbas, we must remain focused on the prize — eternal life with our Lord in heaven.  But first, we, like Barsabbas, have much work to do first. So why wait?  Let’s get to it!

I chose The Lost Ship block to represent Barsabbas.  On the surface, it appears that he lost the opportunity to serve as one of the twelve apostles, but we know that he was chosen for a different purpose.


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