Sunday, January 28, 2018

Block 93 Enoch

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"Without faith it is impossible to please God well.” Hebrews 11:6


Imagine struggling to feed your family and, at the same time, fighting to stand up for what you believe is right…  This scenario could easily be ripped from today’s headlines, but was also true of a man nearly 5000 years ago.  Enoch, father of Methusaleh, was the seventh generation from Adam.  The world was spiraling toward a den of iniquity.  Adam gave rise to sin, Cain killed his brother, and by the third generation, many had turned from God and were blaspheming Him.  Keep in mind, Adam and many of his descendants were still alive when Enoch was born.  Similarly Enoch was still alive when Lamech, father of Noah was born. 

When Enoch grew up and took a wife, he had to choose between following the crowd or following God.  Enoch “walked faithfully with God.”  Genesis 5:22  Enoch was not only a faithful family man, he was also a prophet.  The book of Jude tells us that Enoch prophesied the coming of the Lord with His “ten thousand saints.” Jude 1:14 This message was probably not well-received by those that he described as “ungodly.” We know little else about Enoch, other than he pleased God greatly, so God took him to heaven.  Enoch was one of two men in the Bible who were taken directly to heaven (Elijah was the other man).  We don’t know exactly why God chose Enoch for this honor, and even though Enoch is only mentioned three times in the Bible, we DO know that God was well-pleased by the life that Enoch lived. 

God calls us all to be like Enoch.  We are to talk the talk AND walk the walk.  God wants us to live a faith-filled life, and at the same time, share our faith with others.  This may not be popular in today’s society, but God did not abandon Enoch, and He will not abandon us.


I chose Mrs. Lloyd’s Favorite block to represent Enoch. Enoch led a life that pleased God greatly. Not only did he LIVE a faithful life, he taught others to live faithfully also.  God was so pleased that he took Enoch directly to heaven—no death involved!  In this way, God showed that Enoch was a favorite — along with Elijah, of course!

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  1. Do you have the color option for 93-Enoch? these pics on Enoch's page seem to be the same ones as for 92-Lamech. Thanks for all your great work!