Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Block 97 Barak

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“...because of the course you are taking, the honor will not be yours... Judges 4:9

For about 350 years, different judges ruled the Israelites (they did not yet have kings).  During this time, the Israelites were often in trouble with God, were conquered by other nations, and needed to be saved.  Occasionally, God enabled the judges to deliver them from oppression.  When the prophetess Deborah was judge, she found herself in a similar situation, but did not personally have the strength or experience to lead a battle.  The Canaanites had ruled over Israel for 20 years.  Deborah needed some help, and sought out Barak to assist her.  Barak was a successful  military general from Nephtali in the land of Kadesh.  Deborah knew that God had chosen Barak to free Israel, yet he never went to battle.  Deborah took matters into her own hands and called for Barak to come to her.  She questioned him why he had not followed God’s will, but Barak had no good answer.
Deborah instructed Barakto lead an army of 10,000 against the mighty Canaanites.  She assured Barak that God would grant him a victory, but Barak did not trust Deborah and did not trust God.  He agreed to go into battle, but only if Deborah went with him.  Deborah agreed, but added that Barak would not receive the honor for the victory.  That honor would go to a woman.  Barak agreed. Together, with Deborah by his side, Barak attacked the Canaanite military leader, Sisera and his army.  It was a bloodbath — every Canaanite was slain.  Barak chased Sisera, who had escaped from the field of battle.  Later, Barak found Sisera, dead.  He had been killed by a woman, Jael, with nothing more than a tent peg.  The prophecy that Deborah had foretold had come to pass, God allowed Barak and his troops to defeat the Canaanites, but the honor of killing Sisera, the Canaanite leader, went to a woman, Jael.  Barak, now confident that God was with him, went on to destroy Jabin, the king of Canaan, and peace settled on Israel for another forty years.
Like Barak, God sometimes asks us to take a risk to fulfill His divine plan.  And like Barak, we are sometimes hesitant.  We need to have confidence that God has our back and will not let us down.

I chose Ladies Wreath to represent Barak.  Due to his hesitance to go into battle by himself, the honor of the victory was bestowed upon a woman.


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